Confirmation that Becket Keys Church of England School will not be using the full Sawyers Hall College site.

Following the post “So What IS Happening With The Sawyers Hall College Site?”, Educating Brentwood sent the following e-mail to Essex County Council and Becket Keys Church of England School at 10:13 on Wednesday 15th February:

“We understand from prospective parents of Becket Keys Church of England School that the school will not be making full use of the current Sawyers Hall College site in Brentwood.

Please could you clarify the proportion of the Sawyers Hall College site that will be taken over by the school in September 2012?

Please could you confirm who has jurisdiction over the remainder of the site?

Please could you clarify who will be responsible for funding the remainder of the site from September 2012?”

Educating Brentwood was grateful for the following prompt response from at 11:35 on Wednesday 15th February

“There are discussions taking place about what part of the site Becket Keys will occupy in September 2012 and beyond, and what use is to be made of other parts of the site by Essex County Council (ECC) and other existing and proposed users. These discussions are being held between Becket Keys, ECC and the Department for Education. We hope to have a clear picture by the end of March and I suggest you contact us again at that time, when the picture is more certain.”

Educating Brentwood will publish whatever response is provided by Essex County Council.

In the meantime we now have absolute confirmation that the fate of the site is still under discussion. “Proposed users” are not publically known. Local residents do not know what implications there may be of these discussions.

Underlining the concern that Educating Brentwood has already highlighted, if decisions won’t be made until late March at the earliest, how are Year 6 parents supposed to make an informed choice regarding the right school for their children?

In addition what effect will these deliberations have for the timing of the public consultation that Becket Keys Church of England School is required to undertake before finalising their funding agreement with the Government?

At present these issues are not being covered sufficiently by the local press and, by extension, are largely hidden from public view. Now we have definitive confirmation from one of the parties involved, Educating Brentwood encourages them to air the issues surrounding the future of the Sawyers Hall College site. By doing so they will do a great service to all Brentwood residents as the potential implications of the decision over its future are far reaching.

Brentwood deserves to have its say.

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