South Essex University Technical College – latest news and local coverage

In the excitement of Becket Key’s approval and the disappointing rebuff to the ‘South Essex University Technical College’ (SEUTC)  bid, it is easily missed that the substantial consortium of partners behind the SEUTC, led by Sawyers Hall College Headteacher Stephen Capper, have not taken their eye off the ball. Indeed they have recently re-submitted their bid, taking into account the sensible apportioning of land on the Sawyers Hall College site, offering Becket Keys what they need, but no more.

This idea was reported in the Brentwood Recorder as far back as May 2011:

‘Call for compromise use of Brentwood school site’

and is now reported again in the same paper:

‘Head of closing Brentwood school not giving up on technical college plan’

To get a clearer idea of the SEUTC bid proposal, go to

It seems to me, as a Sawyers Hall College governor, that it makes the best of the long standing intent to provide the range of educational opportunity that Brentwood pupils need.

Richard Millwood  

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