Becket Keys need to provide a meaningful consultation – press coverage

Educating Brentwood has contacted the local press this week regarding the “consultation” that is currently being offered by the proposers of Becket Keys Church of England School. The story is the lead on the Brentwood Weekly News website this morning:

and on the Echo website here:

To summarise our position:

Educating Brentwood maintains that the “consultation” in its present form is deeply flawed because:

  • Ø It allows no meaningful participation by Brentwood residents
  • Ø No consultation documentation has been provided by Becket Keys, unlike other proposals at a similar stage elsewhere in the country
  • Ø No information is provided about who will form the ‘Academy Trust’, who will control the public money allocated to it, or how the Board of Governors will be formed
  • Ø Parents and others can comment only through an on-line mailbox controlled by the largely anonymous Becket Keys promoters. There is no information on who will monitor this mailbox, how the responses will be represented to the government or who will ensure parents’ views are accurately reflected to the Secretary of State

Educating Brentwood calls on Becket Keys to amend their consultation to ensure that it truly reflects the views of the community and believe it can do so by:

  • Ø Providing a consultation document which makes clear what the free school’s funding and governance plans really are.
  • Ø Disclose how and by whom responses are being collated and detail how these will be represented to the Department for Education.
  • Ø Hold at least one public meeting to allow for questioning of the proposed funding agreement, with at least one week’s notice with time and venue published in the local press.
  • Ø Ensure all schools in Brentwood are provided with details of how to engage in the consultation so they can pass this on to parents.

We will be following this up directly with the Becket Keys proposers today.

Further coverage and information will be posted on our site as it is released.

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