South Essex University Technical College – proposal progress update

Following the report made here (South Essex University Technical College – latest news and local coverage on 5th March 2012 about the re-submission of this bid, Steve Capper, Headteacher at Sawyers Hall College who is coordinating the bid, reports that they have  been invited to interview at the end of March at the Department for Education.

The process should mean a decision by the end of May for an opening in September 2013.

In short, the bid is for a coordinated approach to learning by doing. My understanding is that this includes the promise that practical learning may lead to further education and university study, and is in no way lighter in intellectual demand than more traditional schooling, but will combine the best and most appropriate study method for the topic in hand. The key is that some learners make better progress by applying knowledge to unlock their thinking.

There is confidence that this will work through the commitment of college, university and business partners who are involved at the outset and co-authors of the bid. The need is clear, since there is no provision of this sort without travelling outside Brentwood.

Further detail can be found at the UTC website:

I am also reminded that it is not too late for people to send letters of support for this idea for a new educational choice for Brentwood’s youngsters, and if you feel moved to do so, please address it to:

Stephen Capper
Sawyers Hall College
Sawyers Hall Lane
CM15 9DA

or email to

Richard Millwood


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