The search for information on Becket Keys backers

In order to respond to the consultation on their funding agreement, Educating Brentwood has persisted this week in requesting information that does not appear to be readily available despite the claims last week of the proposers of Becket Keys Church of England School.

The following mail requests have been sent:

“Mon, 2 Apr 2012 10:17:03 : We are concerned to know what experience members of the RET/Education London have in secondary education, and we have not been able to find this information on your website. Please could you provide us with details of the secondary schools each member has been involved in, and in what capacity they were employed. We would also like to know each members qualifications to work in or lead secondary schools. If this information is already published and we have missed it, we would be grateful if you could point us to where it is.

As the consultation period is at an advanced stage we would appreciate this information by 5pm tomorrow (April 3rd).”

“Wed, 4 Apr 2012 10:55:47 : What are the names of the people who will form the Academy Trust for your school? What previous experience in similar roles do they have?

As the consultation period is at an advanced stage we would appreciate this information by 5pm tomorrow (April 5th).”

We have yet to receive a reply to either.

So what easily accessed publically available information have we been able to find this week on the Russell Education Trust (RET) and Education London?

We have contacted the Russell Group of Universities who confirmed that they have no connection with the RET.

A perusal of the RET website tells us that they are “sponsored” by Education London and claims that they are “in partnership with a number of outstanding schools and academies, senior inspectors, academies and education leaders”. None of these are named. There are also no named personnel on the site.

The Education London site informs us that they “are currently working for RET to open Becket Keys Church of England School in 2012.” In common with the RET site there is no information on the company itself or who runs it. Several mail addresses are provided through the site but there is no detail on the people whose addresses they are.

Company checks easily accessed via Google provide a little more information on the respective boards of directors. By following the links on the individual Directors we can see that Education London has two directors, Ms Karen Lynch and Mr Daniel Lynch. We can also see that the RET have six but were started by just two in November 2010, Ms Karen Lynch and Mr Daniel Lynch.

It is not clear from the Becket Keys website or any other what direct involvement the Lynchs have in Becket Keys, however an update to the Becket Keys site today identifies Ms Lynch as the RETs “Chief Executive”. Mr Lynch has 5 directorships and these include two with school trusts, the Bristol Free School Trust and RET King’s Church of England School Brighton Trust which was newly set up in February this year and presumably relates to one of the free school proposals that the RET are involved in at present.

Ms Lynch does seem to have been involved in school trusts prior to the existence of the RET however. She is listed as a Director of Parsons Mead Educational Trust Limited until July 2005 and as a Director of the Jubilee High Foundation until July 2007.

I made a quick search on these schools to see if that could give us any information on a track record in secondary education.

Jubilee High School appears to be still in existence and, as with any school, their Ofsted reports are readily available.

Parsons Mead School no longer exists however as explained by their Wikipedia entry:

The closure of the school also seems to have made the national press:

Stephen Mayo

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