Open meeting – Sawyers Hall College Library – April 18th @ 19:45

As a member of Educating Brentwood I welcomed the probing article in last week’s Brentwood Gazette regarding the admission arrangements for the proposed Becket Keys free school.

I also feel there is a distinct lack of clarity regarding the background and experience of the Russell Education Trust, sponsors of the proposed Becket Keys free school.

This has led me and my colleagues in Educating Brentwood to be concerned about how to make an appropriate response to the consultation which is due to close on 20th April.

As a consequence, Educating Brentwood is proposing an open meeting for concerned parents, residents and those providing education in Brentwood, to be held at 7.45pm on Wednesday 18th April in the Library at Sawyers Hall College.

Those who attend are invited to pose questions, share answers and discuss the issues that arise. We hope that such a discussion will lead to a clearer understanding of the issues surrounding the consultation and help those interested to make an informed response to the consultation.

We are pleased to be able to confirm that Sawyers Hall College head teacher, and leading figure in the South Essex University Technical College proposal, Stephen Capper will be joining us. Local councillors from the three main parties have also notified us of their intention to attend.

We welcome your attendance and hope you can help us ensure the best possible education for young people in Brentwood.

If you wish to submit questions or raise areas of interest in advance of the meeting please contact us at

Richard Millwood


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