Shouldn’t Becket Keys be extending their consultation by two weeks?

Following our previous posts on concerns over the proposed Becket Keys Church of England School’s non-compliance with the Schools Admissions Code and the report in last week’s Brentwood Gazette, Educating Brentwood have once again attempted to make contact with the free school’s backers.

Are Becket Keys compliant with the Schools Admission Code?

Gazette reports on Becket Keys suspected non-compliance with admissions code

To remind you, the Code clearly states:

“Introduction: 15b) Consultation must be for a minimum of 8 weeks…consultation must be completed by 1 March 2012. This consultation period allows parents, other schools, religious authorities and the local community to raise any concerns about proposed admission arrangements.”

We wrote to the Becket Keys mailboxes once again on Tuesday this week:

“Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:05:02

Given that the Schools Admissions Code clearly requires a period of a minimum of eight weeks for consultation about a change in admissions policy, will you now be extending the current consultation period to 6pm on Friday May 4th?

As there is now less than two weeks to go until the end of your designated consultation period, please could you clarify by 5pm tomorrow (April 11th)?”

In common with all of our questions posed since Friday March 30th, we have yet to receive any reply.

As we announced earlier this week, and as mentioned on page three of this week’s Brentwood Recorder (links below), we will be holding an open meeting on Wednesday 18th April in the library at Sawyers Hall College.

The meeting will cover any aspect of education in Brentwood that attendees want to raise, not just response to the Becket Keys consultation. The leading figure in the proposal for the South Essex University Technical College, Stephen Capper, has already confirmed that he will be joining us for the evening as have a cross party selection of local councillors. Invitations have been sent to a variety of potentially interested parties covering all perspectives on current issues.  Your attendance would be very welcome.  Brentwood Recorder, 13.04.12

Open meeting – Sawyers Hall College Library – April 18th @ 19:45

Stephen Mayo


  1. Well if they don’t carry out the statutory consultation properly, you will have a cast iron case for judicial review. I’d keep quiet if I were you!

  2. Yes well they didn’t do it properly did they? Really they should do the whole 8 weeks again, as most members of the public were never made aware that they were the people who were being consulted. They were told that they needed to do another 2 weeks (which was a generous interpretation of the situation) and they didn’t even do that.


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