Becket Keys: Serving the local community?

According to the “history” section on the newly revamped website of the proposed Becket Keys Church of England School the basis of setting up the school was:

“starting a brand new Church of England secondary school, Becket Keys, in Brentwood on the site of Sawyers Hall College (SHC) which will close in August 2012. The school will provide a Christian school for the North Brentwood Area that was previously served by SHC.”

The local nature of the school was a key part of the proposal that was given initial approval in October 2011 and it was used as a major selling point by the proposers in their presentation to the Department for Education (DfE) last August. Indeed it was used as a strong factor to differentiate it from the other two proposals that were also proposed for the Sawyers Hall site.

The following is a direct quote from the communication about the DfE interview sent to all on the Becket Keys mailing list and the local press on Wednesday 10 Aug 2011:

“Press release – Becket Keys at the Department for Education‏

The other proposals for the Sawyers Hall College (SHC) site, the opening of a University Technical College (UTC) or a Studio School were briefly discussed. The discussions led to a clear understanding that both of these alternative proposals would involve a substantial number of students travelling from quite a wide area to the site; this is likely to create an even greater traffic and parking problem to a road with four highly successful and over-subscribed schools in it already. The advantage of Becket Keys is that it will be local school [sic], serving its own community with all of its students able to walk or cycle to school.”

This morning an e-mail was sent from to their mailing list entitled “Becket Keys Update”. The following passage is a direct quote from the section entitled “Pupil Induction”:

“Mr Scott-Evans is also making arrangements to see the
students in their primary schools over the next few weeks. Students
are coming from over 20 different schools so there is a lot of
visiting to be done!”

Stephen Mayo


  1. Yes well it never did add up. One of the feeder schools is in South Weald. Access from South Weald is via a road with no pavements or cycle track. Anyhow who needs feeder schools when one has 16+ other schools to feed off?


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