Why the GCSE shambles demands that politicians have less power over education policy

If ever there was a week in education that cemented my view that politicians should not be allowed to direct education policy, this one has been it. Last weekend the national press reported further evidence that cast severe doubt on the current inspection and accountability regime. Following that, the announcement and analysis of a fall […] Continue reading

Brentwood County High School launch centenary celebrations

Brentwood County High School (BCHS) has launched a year of celebrations to mark its centenary. Those on the BCHS e-mail distribution list were advised of the plans yesterday (13th September) with the following statement: “Brentwood County High School  celebrates one hundred years of educating young people this year, and has issued  an open invitation to […] Continue reading

Brentwood Heads take local initiative on vocational provision

Before Christmas, Richard and I took up an invitation to meet with two of Brentwood’s Secondary Head teachers. In a convivial and constructive meeting, we discussed the town’s new educational landscape and, in particular, whether there were any plans to protect curricula diversity and expand vocational provision in the borough. We were greatly encouraged by […] Continue reading