Heads urge parents and the community to support “Fund the 8%”

Local headteachers have engaged parents this week with the aim of building the momentum of their “Fund the 8%” campaign. The Association of Secondary Headteachers in Essex (ASHE) action is explained here and in our previous blog last weekend. http://ashe-essex.org/fund-the-8/ Since its launch the campaign has received coverage throughout the county, most recently in the […] Continue reading

Larchwood Primary to continue progress as an academy with a local sponsor

As reported in this week’s local press, Larchwood Primary School will become an academy from May 1st this year. The recently expanded Brentwood Academies Trust will become it’s sponsor. http://www.brentwoodgazette.co.uk/Inadequate-Larchwood-Primary-School-shepherded-St/story-20409372-detail/story.html#ixzz2pjMFfDqy The Trust was formerly known as St Martins Academy Trust which was formed when the Hutton secondary school converted from local authority control in 2011. […] Continue reading

Brentwood Heads take local initiative on vocational provision

Before Christmas, Richard and I took up an invitation to meet with two of Brentwood’s Secondary Head teachers. In a convivial and constructive meeting, we discussed the town’s new educational landscape and, in particular, whether there were any plans to protect curricula diversity and expand vocational provision in the borough. We were greatly encouraged by […] Continue reading