Parents need to know their school admissions rights – let’s help them

When I wrote Those concerned with “student quality” should be shamed not lauded last week I thought I had covered every instance of how some schools manipulate admissions to their school. Following interactions and communications locally since then I have realised that I have underestimated the depths to which some will stoop. Having been appraised of […] Continue reading

School Transport Policy change will affect parents throughout Essex – will you be one of them?

In the next two months parents throughout Essex will be applying for primary and secondary school places for their children but this time they will have a further factor to consider before making their choices. As we highlighted in a post from last October, (Essex County Council proposed school transport policy undermines parental choice […] Continue reading

Why the GCSE shambles demands that politicians have less power over education policy

If ever there was a week in education that cemented my view that politicians should not be allowed to direct education policy, this one has been it. Last weekend the national press reported further evidence that cast severe doubt on the current inspection and accountability regime. Following that, the announcement and analysis of a fall […] Continue reading